Seasonal Rhythms


A basic tenet of Waldorf kindergarten is a focus on strong daily, weekly, and seasonal rhythms. Children are happiest when they know what to expect each day.

In the fall, we have our Michaelmas festival with a big bonfire. We parade around the yard with our dragon tongue streamers, which we throw into the fire as our way of taming our inner dragons.

As the fall gets darker and colder, in November, we have a Martinmas celebration. Each child makes a paper lantern and carries it through the yard and forest on a path lit with some 200 luminaires. We sing lantern songs and carry our little light into the darkest night.

Later in the season, around the holidays of Christmas, Hanukkah, and the Solstice, we have a Winter Garden Spiral. We create an evergreen spiral in which each child walks and carries a candle to the center.

In the spring comes May Day, when we have a Maypole dance. Many of our parents are musicians and they play for us as we dance.

The last festival of the year is our Boat Regatta. We take the little sailboats, which we have been building all spring, and sail them in the pond. We watch the boats all sail together and then get to take them home with us!